"Martyn is, by far, the best manager I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His ability to juggle deadlines, enforce contracts, and accomplish time-sensitive tasks was flawless... Martyn’s abilities to establish excellent working relationships with Ford, Roush, Yokohama and other national and international suppliers have, heretofore been unequaled... It is without hesitation that I recommend Martyn Thake... Any organization who has Martyn’s talents working for them will benefit greatly"
Nicholas W. Craw
President of the Senate
Federation Internationale De l\'Automobile Logo
President ACCUS

President & CEO
SCCA, Inc.
"I have had the pleasure of working with Martyn on numerous race circuit projects/events in both Canada and the United States, and have always found him to be an excellent communicator and problem solver. Many of these projects have been temporary or street circuits, which present unique challenges requiring special expertise and superior management skills, as time frames are always compressed. Martyn has such skills in abundance and has the ability to take charge and complete the project on time while maintaining good relations with all levels of the event organization. He is also well acquainted with the safety standards and requirements of the FIA.

I have no hesitation in recommending Martyn for the management of any circuit design and/or construction project"
Roger Peart
President, FIA Circuits Commission
Federation Internationale De l\'Automobile Logo
President, ASN Canada FIA
"Having worked in the past with other designers, and based on my experiences I would use and recommend Martyn Thake from the planning stages through construction. His connections in the industry and race track knowledge make him a valuable resource for all aspects of a project. From track layout, planning runoff, even building a bridge, I believe the end result is we have a better track because of Martyn!

As a facility owner it is nice to know the project will be done right the first time."
Jed Copham
Owner – Brainerd International Raceway
"I first met Martyn in 2005 when he came to Reliant Park to layout the track for the 2006 Houston Grand Prix. Through many revisions and countless meetings with my staff and our major event planners, Martyn showed professionalism, experience and was a consummate team player. During all our planning meetings, construction schedule conflicts, the inaugural race and the tear-down (he told me he would have the track gone in 5 days...and it was!)

He did what he said he would when he said he would. His support staff and vendors were similarly supportive of our needs.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to any major facility looking to undertake a race on their grounds."
Mark Miller
General Manager, NRG Park
"Our event has arrived as a staple in Denver’s sports scene and we have you to thank for all that you did to make it such a success.

This year we put to rest the biggest myth with plenty of passing on the track. Sebastien Bourdais went from first to last and then passed everyone in his way to win the race. As he radioed to his crew during the victory lap, 'If that’s not racing I don’t know what is!'"
John Frew
General Manager, Centrix Financial Grand Prix of Denver
"Creating the perfect racing circuit can be a very elusive proposition at best. It requires someone that is very conceptually astute and has the ability to bring it to life, with both safety and functionality being the focus. Not only does Martyn possess these qualities, he is also a real pleasure to work with. His attention to detail is conveyed to others in a very calm and understandable fashion. For anyone planning on building a motorsports facility, or for that matter, any type of motorsports event, Martyn Thake is the best in the business. I look forward to working with Martyn again."
Gary Curtis
Racing School Director
BIR Performance Driving School
"I have known you for many years and have found your knowledge and expertise in various areas of automibile racing to be timely, expert and intelligently utilized...I have ovserved in you a high degree of integrity and I would recommend you highly"
Carl A. Haas
Newman Haas Racing
"I am pleased to have the opportunity to address Martyn Thake’s experience in motorsports track operations and design... he has excellent experience in the areas of track inspection and design and corresponding knowledge of insurance company concerns and requirements. He has the ability to relate well to the track owner including the understanding of facility budget restraints and, in general, has extensive and almost unparalleled industry knowledge and respect. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any position in this area or expertise"
Peter B. Lyon
Director of Motorsports Risk Management
Wells Fargo Special Risks, Inc
"A new business relationship always opens new opportunities and the time spent with you in Long Beach at the Grand Prix assured us of much more. Your enthusiasm and dedication have led us to believe that our Montreal event will make us proud of this new relationship.

I know that running a successful event requires a lot of involvement and focus, which you demonstrated during the entire weekend.

I wish to thank you for the openness and support shown to us. It made us feel like we were part of the family."
Jean-Paul Blais
President and COO, Montreal Molson Indy
"Your effort this weekend was pointed out as exemplary. I want to quickly thank you for what was a great weekend of racing. There are so many people doing so much work for a payoff that falls in an all-or-nothing, very short window of our on-air presentation to the fans. An effort like yours help make the big payoff for all of us."
Jim Liberatore
President, Speed Channel
"It is my privilege to recommend Martyn Thake... Martyn is a knowledgeable and experienced consultant in the area of racing circuit design and construction, and motorsports safety. He has a high awareness for the intricacies of circuit and safety design construction and maintenance as they apply to safety. This expertise extends not only to the participant but to spectator protection as well.

I am well acquainted with Martyn and his accomplishments through our mutual association with CART. He has demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of issues of circuit design with a sensitivity to how that translates to driver safety by virtue of reducing the probability of accidents and reduction in the risk of injury when accident does occur. This is accomplished through knowledge of circuit design, vehicle capabilities, and barrier design and placement.

He is exacting to detail, extremely thorough in his assessment of a circuit, its strengths and weaknesses. He is forward thinking and is able to identify potential problems and areas of risk while still in the planning stages, thus obviating expensive and disruptive changes in the circuit and barriers were those problems not recognized prior to circuit construction and use.

I can highly recommend him as a consultant in matters of circuit design, construction and safety."
Terry Trammell
Senior Orthapedic Consultant
"Martyn Thake over the past several years has been involved with Ford Special Vehicle Operations activity in a very pleasant, rewarding and professional relationship... Mr. Thake was found by Ford personnel to be creative, responsive, team and task oriented with a strong desire for success for all involved... I can say as a result of our relationship Mr. Thake has become a friend and trusted comrade to those of us at Ford who worked with him."
Lee H. Morse
Manager, Performance Vehicle and Equipment Operations
Ford Special Vehicle Operations
"Martyn Thake can be described in two words: “ completely unflappable.” He is by far the best event manager I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His attention to detail in every aspect of race organizations enables him to put on a first class event. Martyn has a unique ability to see the entire picture. When apprised of any problem on a race weekend, he approaches it quickly and efficiently and comes up with a quick solution and resolution to any problem. It is my pleasure to recommend that Martyn be placed at the helm of any motorsports enterprise."
Dee Duncan
Trans-Am Series Administrator & Manager of Marketing Services
"We were verypleased with the expert services that you rendered us...we have taken your advice in many areas...we plan to resurface thethe track and will depend heavily on your advice...and look forward to working with you in the future."
Steve Wiley
Track Manager, Roebling Road Racetrack
"I have known Martyn for many years and have found him to be knowledgeable of the FIA requirements for circuit design and safety. He has worked on many circuits around the world and all of them have achieved the certification required.

From his time as Director of Circuit Development for CART and continuing with his own company, Martyn has always shown close attention to detail, high regard for participant safety, consideration of the promotors budget and an ability to be innovative in his solutions.

I have enjoyed working with him in the past and look forward to doing so again soon"
Charlie Whiting
FIA Formula One Race Director
FIA Safety Delegate
Federation Internationale De l\'Automobile Logo
"We have had the pleasure of working with Martyn Thake for many years and consider him an invaluable partner. Martyn designed and built the racetrack at the inaugural Grand Prix of Houston at Reliant Park and was instrumental in helping us revitalize the Grand Prix of Cleveland on the shores of Lake Erie. His reputation as one of the world’s foremost racetrack designers is well deserved, and he is one of the best operations managers in the business.

I would not hesitate to recommend Motorsports Consulting Services and Martyn Thake to any organization."
Chuck Kosich
General Manager, MJ Promotions
"I am well acquainted with Martyn and his skills through my association with the Grand Prix of Denver. It was my job to coordinate all activities related to the Grand Prix for the City of Denver and protect the City’s interests. Martyn made my job easy. He understood the need for the City to function as normally as possible before, during and after the event. The timing and complexity of constructing and tearing down a racing circuit using one of the main streets feeding the downtown area is hard enough. The City required that the construction and demolition minimize impacts to commuters making it a daunting task. Martyn pulled it off with seeming ease. His hands on style was evident in the early morning hours before and after the event as I watch him make sure that every promise given the City was accomplished on time. Martyn worked hand in hand with the City’s operations personnel by making then feel as though they were a part of the Grand Prix team. This pride translated beyond race week to the rest of the year. City staff was very protective of “their racetrack” anytime a contractor wanted to cut the streets around the Pepsi center. In short, Martyn was a great partner to work with. I can highly recommend Martyn without hesitation. Any motor racing event will benefit greatly from Martyn’s professionalism, experience and unsurpassed talents."
Kevin Magner
City and County of Denver
"From the initial design meetings, through all of the major event coordination (Rodeo, OTC and Texans) meetings, to initial race construction, the race and tear-down, Martyn always considered the needs of all the groups that use our facility and adjusted his schedule to make it work for everyone. He is a team player, who understands the complex requirements of facility management and everything that goes along with it.

I very much enjoyed working with him on the 2006 and 2007 races at Reliant Park and look forward to doing so again in the near future."
Juan Rodriguez
Assistant General Manager, NRG Park
"I first met Martyn Thake while I was the CEO of CART, and was immediately impressed with his encyclopedic knowledge of racetrack operations, design, construction and operational event management. As soon as I possibly could I created the position of Director of Circuit Development specifically for Martyn and his talents. During his time with CART Martyn performed his duties with the utmost professionalism and regard for the needs of both CART and our promoters. He is a consummate team player who works closely with his fellow team members to get the job done. His understanding of budget and scheduling coordination is excellent.

As the CEO of GRAND I retained Martyn’s services to assist us with the Champ Car races in Mexico. Martyn supervised our operations department, directing the modification’s and construction of our facilities in Monterrey and Mexico City, was responsible for sanction coordination and implementation and provided event management and coordination services. Martyn also assisted with the planning for the American LeMans race scheduled in Mexico City. As a direct result of Martyn’s tenacity and dedication we improved our facilities with the minimum of expense and disruption to our daily activities, and our events were run smoothly and on time. His coordination of multiple sanctioning bodies event requirements and scheduling was exemplary. He also has an amazing understanding of the needs and requirements of television production and how it interacts with the operation of the facility and the event.

I hold Martyn in the highest regard. His knowledge, professionalism and industry sources are unsurpassed. I would recommend him as a valuable team member to any organization contemplating the staging of a professional motorsports event."
Joe Heitzler
"I have had the pleasure of working with Martyn Thake in the capacity of Risk Management pertaining to the construction, safety and operation of Motorsports facilities. The thoroughness of his preparation is unequaled in the business.

Martyn's knowledge in the field of temporary and permanent race facility construction and safety has been enhanced by years of site inspections and facility construction. While working with the CART organization there were many new successful venues that can be attributed to Martyn.

As a Risk Management/ Motorsports insurance specialist, I find it refreshing to see a well-prepared and well thought out facility for a Motorsports event. I have found that Martyn is readily acceptable to the input of others in his tireless effort to enhance all aspects the facility.

I would suggest to anyone who is thinking about constructing a Motorsports facility to engage Martyn if they wish to have a successful event."
Steve Chassey
Steve Chassey Enterprises, Inc
Motorsports Insurance Services
Loss Control/Risk Management
"During the 2001 Champ Car season I spent a considerable amount of time coordinating the SPEED TV broadcasts with Martyn Thake. As the Director of the shows I found Martyn to be helpful beyond our expectations.

As Director of Circuit Development for CART Martyn was our direct contact regarding camera placement and access to our cameras during the weekend. Martyn always went out of his way to ensure we had the shot we were looking for and to ensure our personnel were safe, but able to do their jobs.

Martyn was instrumental in the look and style we developed during the season, thanks to him we were able to place cameras in positions and get shots that had never before been accomplished. Martyn had the ability to understand what I needed for the show, and did everything possible to accommodate us.

His knowledge of television production and his coordination with promoters made all of our jobs much easier and much more productive."
Conrad Piccirillo
Director, Speed Channel
"I have been privileged to have worked closely, the past ten years, with Martyn… He is very knowledgeable of the sport of motor racing; it’s rules, safety requirements and sanctioning body requirements… During this same period of time Martyn worked closely with the FIA, IMSA and SCCA planning and implementing special race weekend events. He has F-1 as well as a great deal of Indycar experience. He understands promotion, PR, budgeting and real world implementation… I would recommend Martyn Thake for any position in the motor racing industry."
George L. Couzens
President, MRM, Inc.
"I believe that Martyn Thake is one of the most knowledgeable and broadly experienced consultants in the motorsports business... Martyn has a depth of experience in the motorsports business which allowed him to create a resource base of sources for numerous products and services throughout the industry. Martyn’s broad background and expertise make him a valuable asset to any motorsport enterprise."
M. Rick Timms, M.D.
Past Chairman
International Council of Motorsports Sciences

President, Colional Motorsport Group

President, Skidaway Safety Services
"Martyn possesses both the necessary savvy and the intellectual strategy which enabled him to “do the hard things” and accomplish the seemingly impossible... He is a born leader; one who gets results instead of giving excuses... I would unequivocally recommend Martyn for any endeavor he wishes to undertake. You will not be disappointed."
Margaret Binks
Chairman of the Board, SCCA, Inc.
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent work in the track inspection field... your extensive background in track safety and your professionalism… have been extremely valuable assets to our company."
Patc Henry
Operations Manager, SCCA Club Racing