Race Track Design

Scope of Services

MCS can fill a wide variety of needs. From ground up circuit and venue design right on through the construction phase to managing overall event operations, MCS takes on the responsibility of overall project management. Working with an array of sub-service providers including architects and construction services, we have the knowledge and the resources to take a project from vision through to fruition on time and on budget.

Just need a makeover? Dozens of tracks around North America have benefited from our input and design improvements to make them safer and up to modern standards.

And not only are they safer, but they look better too.

MCS works closely with television production crews to find the optimal spots for positioning of cameras to get the best views of the track and the action. The same can be said for working with event and series marketing staff to develop fan-friendly experiences with greater event and series sponsor interaction.

In all cases, our first priority is giving you a fair and accurate situational analysis that gives you the information you need to properly plan and execute your vision, no matter how big or small it may be. And once a course has been decided, we are there to roll up our sleeves and see it through to fruition.

The services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Project management – budget, planning and oversight
  • Facility & track design
  • Facility & track improvements
  • FIA Certification
  • Safety improvements
  • General Contracting– facility/circuit construction
  • Site Management – operations
  • Liaison of civil, governmental and sanctioning bodies
  • Risk Assessment
  • Staff coordination and training
  • TV facility and production coordination
  • On-site supervision of all contractors with special emphasis on strict adherence to budget and time constraints
  • Construction of the facility to required standards and codes
  • Ensuring minimal impact to the citizens and businesses affected by the event
  • Liaison with all governmental and regulatory bodies interested with and affected by the race, to insure their needs and requirements are met
  • Coordination and supervision of the removal of the facility in a speedy and efficient manner
  • Operations related sanction coordination and implementation
  • Event schedule coordination with sanctioning bodies and promoter
  • Off-track schedule. Planning and completion of the schedule and coordination of off-track activities
  • Public address system planning and installation
  • Sanitation planning and implementation
  • Trash collection and disposal planning and implementation
  • Television and public relations requirements as related to their physical needs, TV compound, press room access etc
  • Credential design and distribution
  • Registration operation and supervision
  • Paddock planning and management
  • Security planning, staffing and implementation
  • Equipment rental
  • Signage planning and installation coordination with contractor
  • Spectator and on-track safety/medical planning and logistics. Accomplished by close coordination with both local services and sanctioning body representatives
  • Disaster plan production
  • Worker training and liaison
  • Insurance (all aspects). Our involvement will ease the inspection process and may generate discounts. We have excellent working relationships with all major motorsports insurers.
  • Government relations and planning
  • Overall event management
  • Expert testimony
  • Safety services and coordination for productions utilizing vehicles under speed and doing precision maneuvers