Production Set-Safety

If you have vehicles traveling at high speeds you need to be as proactive as possible when it comes to the safety of everyone and everything on the set. We are there to ensure you get the shot without compromising the safety of the crew and cast.

We are experts in the dynamics of a vehicle that is out of control, or missed it’s mark. Either of these situations can result in cast or crew injury and potentially expensive equipment and/or set damage, causing even more expensive overruns or resets.

For the past 30 years we have worked on creating the safest environment possible for camera operators on the Indycar, Formula 1 and IMSA racing series. Working closely with Producers and Directors to ensure they get the shot they want, while still maintaining a safe work place for the guys and girls behind the cameras. Yes, there are barriers and fence surrounding every race track, but the camera operators are working either behind a barrier with the fence removed so as not to impede the shot, or above and sometimes over the fence to get the shot required. We are the people called to help find a safe position for the operator that still gets the shot needed.

"As Director of Circuit Development for CART Martyn was our direct contact regarding camera placement. Martyn always went out of his way to ensure we had the shot we were looking for and to ensure our personnel were safe, but able to do their jobs. Thanks to him we were able to place cameras in positions and get shots that had never before been accomplished. His knowlege of television production made all of our jobs easier, safer and much more productive."
Conrad Piccirillo

We have taken that knowlege and experience, gained over more than 30 years of racing safety, and applied it to the production world.