Race Track Case Study:
Grand Prix of Houston and Grand Prix of Denver

Situation: While both of these events are promoted by different entities, their needs and situation were nearly identical. Both events utilize the grounds of major sporting arenas (Reliant Park in Houston and the Pepsi Center in Denver), faced hurdles from civic governments and local businesses as well as continued to operate major events in the months leading up to and immediately after the race event took place. In addition, both events required full-time operations management.

Our Role: MCS designed the original track layout and master site plan for Houston and design and facility improvements for Denver. Crucially, after each event, lessons learned were implemented into the following year’s event in an effort to continually improve the overall event. Additionally, as both are temporary venues, it was necessary to modify and update site plans and operations in accordance with changes to the overall site infrastructure.

We forged strong partnerships with Kronke Sports Entertainment and SMG, the management of both venues, that was key to planning around other major events taking place at each of the venues in order to facilitate seamless transitions between events while keeping the race site construction on schedule. Moreover we liaised with local fire and police departments as well as city planners to insure a minimum disruption of city services including minimizing the impact of commuter traffic.

Both events required the management of both permanent operations staff as well as fly-in staff for which MCS took on a Senior Management role. Once the site build commenced, we also took on the role of overall site management and general contractor of all sub vendors and services including but not limited to: track construction, seating and suite construction, electrical and plumbing, sanitation, security and public safety, television and communications.

While both events overall require roughly eight months of attention, the actual site build-out and tear down was completed in under six weeks.