Race Track Design

M1 Concourse, Pontiac MI

MCS was retained by the developer early in the project to work with the design team to develop a test track that would enhance the experience of having a track on the same property as your private garage, yet allow the business of the development to continue uninterrupted when the track was in use. The result is a 1.5-mile track that can be used in both directions, incorporating current safety standards, a dedicated pit lane and a 2.5-acre festival/event arena and skid pad. The track was designed to be pleasurable for the inexperienced owner to use, technical enough to be enjoyable to the experienced driver and adaptable for OEM and media testing, ride and drives and other functions.

Brainerd International Raceway (BIR)

MCS was retained by the new owners to upgrade the existing facility and incorporate a new course within the design. When construction is complete, BIR will have a National level NHRA drag strip, a new 2 mile road course (designed and built to the latest standards), regulation skid pad, autocross course, school teaching and maintenance facilities and residential condominiums. All of these facilities can be used separately at the same time or in conjunction with one another. MCS is in the process of upgrading the original 3 mile road course to current standards with additional safety upgrades to accommodate professional motorcycle racing.

Palm Beach International Raceway

MCS was tasked with a complete design review. Our analysis determined improvements that would enhance the quality and marketability of the facility and worked closely with the developer and their contractors on the redesign, simulation and the safety system design and placement.

Genoa Motorsports Park, Genoa, Colorado

MCS has been brought in to create the Master Site Plan including track and facility design. Once the final site determination is made and sale of land is completed we will begin with assisting in the permitting phase that will lead to the development of the site implementation of the Master Site Plan including all aspects of construction through to site completion.

AutoSport Country Club and Resort

As in the Genoa, Colorado project, MCS has been brought in to create the project’s master plan including facility and track design as well as to manage the overall project. Still in its very early stages of planning and development, the project owners wish to keep the venue location confidential in advance of a formal announcement.

Grand Prix of Houston and Grand Prix of Denver

MCS designed the original track layout and master site plan for Houston and design and facility improvements for Denver. Crucially, after each event, lessons learned were implemented into the following year’s event in an effort to continually improve the overall event. Additionally, as both are temporary venues, it was necessary to modify and update site plans and operations in accordance with changes to the overall site infrastructure.

Inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix

MCS was retained in the summer of 2008 to help develop budgets and economic impact studies, we made presentations to the City, State, businesses organizations and residents groups, resulting in the City signing a 5 year contract with the promoter to bring international motor-racing to the streets of Baltimore. MCS designed the track layout and master site plan.

For the Baltimore Grand Prix we forged close working relationships with all agencies, developing plans to insure any disruption to the City’s day-to-day operation was kept to a minimum.

Grand Prix of Cleveland and Puerto Rico Grand Prix

Like all other temporary circuit venues, these events require ground up design, facility construction and tear-down each year. The events in both Cleveland and Puerto Rico, however, have the added complication of taking place on the grounds of a fully operational airport. This requires the added involvement of coordination with civil aviation authorities. Moreover, project planning and timing for these events must run on tighter and more precise schedules so as not to interfere with airport operations beyond the specified times.

Vegas Grand Prix and Arizona Grand Prix (Las Vegas, NV & Phoenix, AZ)

MCS was brought in to develop the initial concepts for the facility and track design. We listened to the concerns of local governments and businesses that would be affected by the race event and developed a track layout and site plan that was presented to each of the cities involved for approval, which they duly received.